Welcome to Xundra's Fishing

Xundra's Fishing is a fishing game in Second Life. Whilst similar to other popular systems Xundra's Fishing does not require bait and the fishing rods are free!

Visit the Xundra's Fishing headquarters to test it out with a free rod, or buy a fishing area kit and scoreboard for your own fishing area.

Total Catchable Fish

Currently there are 165 fish in Xundra's Fishing System, for a complete list click "Fish List" from the menu.

Top 10 Fishers

This list represents the top 10 fishers of all time!

#Avatar NameScore
1kitswithmints Resident7781
2SHADOW Twilight1288
3MommasBear Resident1047
4celestialgrace278 Resident831
5Medusa Torok712
6Xundra Snowpaw225
7Floyd Sack221
8HoneeBadger Resident163
9Solana Kiko110
10Abigale Abbot73